We Answer Frequently Asked Questions and Offer Tips About Cleaning

1. How often should I clean my carpet?

Every warranty recommends that you use a certified firm with truck mounted units every 12-18 months. The most recommended cleaning is the hot water extraction.

2. Is it necessary that I move my furniture before your team arrives?

We’re efficient in moving or returning your furniture to its rightful place after the cleaning is done. Although we do ask that you remove any delicate items.

3. Do carpets get dirty quicker once they’re cleaned?

It is important to use state-of-the-art products and equipment so that there’s no residue left in the cleaning process. This also helps in avoiding rapid re-soiling. Trust Russ Sprague's Cleaning to use only the highest quality of cleaning products.

4. How long will my carpet take to dry?

There are many factors which may determine the drying process of your carpet, including the material and humidity inside your home. Our technician may suggest that you switch on your ceiling fan or open your windows for proper air circulation to accelerate the drying time.

5. Is a carpet protector really helpful?

Manufacturers apply carpet protector on new carpets. We highly recommend using carpet protector as they provide an extra layer of protection to your carpet. It’s also advisable to reapply it ever so often since it wears off due to foot traffic, vacuuming, etc.

6. After the cleaning process, how long should I wait to allow my children or pets on the carpet?

We recommend that you limit any kind of activity or foot traffic on the carpet until they’re dry completely.

7. Should I be present at home when the carpet cleaning is in progress?

You can drop-off a key when scheduling an appointment. If not, we recommend someone to stay at home before we start cleaning to discuss any specific needs or care to be taken.
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